Rui Ying (应睿)
Rui Ying (应睿)


Here are some projects I have been working on out of interest or due to personal needs. All are independent work.

learnX 📚

👉 learnX - GitHub

Hybrid App for Tsinghua University Web Learning, developed with React Native ⚛️, making it much easier to browse your course notices, download files and review your homework.

Keywords 🔑: React Native, TypeScript, Hybrid App

Thursday 📆

👉 星期四 Thursday

Multi-realm topic-based forum with Course Information Sharing platform, for students of Tsinghua University.

Keywords 🔑: React, TypeScript, NextJS, GraphQL

Data Visualization On GPUs During COVID-19 🌌

👉 Adaptation and Adoption: Analyzing GPU Trends Among PC Gamers During COVID-19 and Crypto Craze

In this interactive visual explainer, we delve into the world of PC gaming hardware trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and crypto craze, with a particular focus on graphics cards (GPUs). Using data from Steam's hardware surveys, we analyze the adoption of new and outgoing graphics cards, examine the impact of COVID-19 and crypto prices on GPU adoption, and provide insights into the evolving landscape of PC gaming hardware.

Keywords 🔑: D3, React, TypeScript, Animation, Visualization



This is the official site for EESAST, Student Association of Science and Technology, of Electronic Engineering Department in Tsinghua University.

Keywords 🔑: React, NodeJS, Full Stack

CampusNet 🏫

C library 👉 tunet-c - GitHub

Windows UWP 👉 .Net Campus - Microsoft Store

Android 👉 CampusNet - GitHub

The campus networks in Tsinghua University have weird authentication methods. It has long been a pain for students to log in quickly and easily.

These utilities above can perform auto login when Wi-Fi changes and have a traffic usage chart.

To speed up development, I wrote a C library to deal with the authentication.

Keywords 🔑: UWP, Android, cURL, OpenSSL, NDK

Others 📦

Check out my GitHub for more 👉 robertying - GitHub.

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