Rui Ying (应睿)
Rui Ying (应睿)

Four Months in the U.S. Part III

Inside campus

This is a good place to put some pictures of UofU campus. 😎


football stadium

Utah's football is famous all over the country in NCAA and many people would come from other cities to see the match. They all are held in this stadium. The University also has a fan organization called MUSS. You can basically get cheaper tickets and special T-shirts to watch the game with other enthusiastic members. They have their own special seats and pre-game events. This is quite amazing if you are really into sports.

Unfortunately I did not go to any football game.

Foam party

Foam party is something I never heard of before coming to America. People dance in foam generated from some machine and it was just like a club. EDM and crazy people!

foam party

Aditional facilities

There are also a lot other facilities to spend free time with. Students get free gyms and swimming pools.

I've also found out a game room with game consoles. Just beside it is a bowling room.

bowling room

Out in the City

We had a chance to watch a baseball and a soccer game in the city.


It was fun that we sat in an open area on one side of the field. There were lots of families with kids. They put some blankets on the grass and made it look like a picnic while kids were running wildly for fun. Parents like to take kids to the games and those kids probably would grow interest and join to play the game afterwards.

baseball grass
baseball children

But the baseball game was too long and kind of boring. It took almost 4 hours, but the crowd seemed always excited. Out of tradition, they would sing a special song and make beats to cheer whenever possible. It was overall nice to be in such atmosphere.


Real Salt Lake vs New England Revolution. It seemed Americans like soccer no less than football. The stadium was full and the crowd went crazy after each goal. In the end, it was 4:0 (I don't really remember but it was a big number) and Salt Lake won! It was so exciting to see the victory in real!



It's really hard to understand what a rodeo is before actually seeing it. It is a special in the wild west because it's about horses and cowboys! You can see cowboys (even cowgirls!) trying their best to do complicated or dangeous actions on the field. You have to stand the heavy smell from horses, though. 😉


State fair

The state fair is quite like canivals or temporary amusement parks in China. A lot of local stuff was presented and plenty of equipments for kids to have fun with. It was really felt like going into some rural market. Everything was so raw and simple. The rodeo was part of the fair, actually.

state fair

High in the mountains


I also went to the mountains. Americans like hiking! People climb mountains or walk on the trail.

I hiked to one of the peaks, Ensign Peak. It was really amazing to see the sunset just in time.


You can get a full view of SLC on the mountain. It is so small a city.

SLC birdview

On the road back to campus, you can see the city hall (or state capitol?). The building was in some style you see a lot in the States. Once I noticed there seemed to be many people dancing to DJs' music on the space in front of the building and it was fun!

city capitol

Amazing skies

In SLC you can see various skies. The scenery is extremely beautiful when the sun's going up or down. Snow can add more flavors to skies.

SLC sky 1
SLC sky 2
SLC sky 3
SLC sky 4
SLC sky 5

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